Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This past winter break was the best I've ever had.  Long enough for me to see all the people I wanted to at home, but  allowing time for rejuvenation, and SHOPPING.  Since we didn't exchange gifts this year (we watched an old home video of ourselves unwrapping gifts at age 10) I had more time for my friends' gifts, and myself.

I got: 
2 Bebe silk shirts, 1 of which I already ruined by disregarding the DRY CLEAN ONLY tag
1 Bebe dusk purple shirt, with ruched buttons, and cuffed sleeves
Kiehl's Essence of Grapefruit and Vanilla
24 K Shu Uemura eyelash curler
1 Urban  bright peach tank top
1 Vintage oversized blazer
1 Vintage Madeline coat
1 Forever 21 Swirly/Turban-y head ban
1 Pair of Mosley Tribes Sunglasses with feather arms
1 Holga 35BC camera
1 Day Snowboarding in Big Bear


A WI08 Opening Ceremony dress (google images)

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