Monday, April 20, 2009

not today

Forever 21 shirt & necklace.  And  Adriana on lucky days.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Not long after putting on these clothes, my mannerisms became more child-like. Then we played back the tape and I could see that strange combination of a desire to return to youth, and the physicality of growth.  Hopefully I'll post the finished film.
Forever 21 dress, Sidecca tights, American Way shoes, $2 backpack from Downtown LA.

i like flowers

yeeee! who knew i would grow to like these?  get it? GROW! ahahahaha!
Urban Outfitters, Metal Flowers Necklace

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

enough with the pants!

I'm thinking biker shorts, kind of like the ones my sister wore on a snow trip, but tricot and sheer ones would be enough ridiculousness to make me happy.

American Apparel Biker Shorts in Coral Ice

Alexander Wang


I've been thinking that there's a lack of scrunched leather pants in my life.  I found these by Rad Hourani on stylebubble.  Has anyone seen something I can afford?

classy=sassy pants



Derek Lam

Proenza Schouler, trashy/classy!

All photos:  Spring RTW 2009,

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


When I was in elementary school we had fundraisers at Shakey's pizza.  It was always a special event because I rarely saw anyone outside of the playground.  One year I was really excited to go and show off my light blue onesie. It was made of a tennis material and it had white fabric daisies at the neckline.  That night I had to pee REALLY bad, but I didn't get the onesie off fast enough, and I had to sit the rest of the night out, hiding my cute, but wet, outfit.
Oddly enough, I'm still obsessed with onesies.

Forever 21 pantsuit and chain necklace, H&M men's beanie,  Hanes men's tank (from 99cents store), Abercrombie & Fitch cardigan, Jessica Simpson "Lopez" boots, and Nine West "Lahdidah" boots.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Current Fascinations


"It's a bridesmaid's dress. Someone loved it intensely for one day, and then tossed it."

ALL white doc martens

I remember buying combat boots in the Philippines one summer in elementary school, and my sister copied me and got a pair as well.  I asked my mom if we still had them, hoping I might fit my sister's pair. Apparently I wore them out, which makes me happy. After ordering these, I take a mental picture of my feet and see them overexposed against the grass. 


AAAAAhhhhhh! I heard it would be good from many a geek, and I was not let down!


hello! hello!
welcome to the newest in the series of llama/s-related projects! it's time for this kid to get a fashion blog, to document the clothes on my back, begin the dialogue of self-expression through materiality, etc.