Tuesday, November 3, 2009

what do clothes mean?

I've always spent way too much time deciding what to wear in the mornings. I'm usually late because I have to rake through my options. I begin to count down as I stare at the contents of my closet, 10... maybe the black vest...9...then I can wear my nikes, and skate...8...oh no! my black pants are greener than my vest...7...

Why do I bother? To be honest, I know I won't feel as good if I'm not wearing an outfit suited to the day's feelings. I know that if someone stares at me a bit too long, that I'll try and will them to understand why I chose this outfit. Everyone wants to say something, present their personality, define themselves in this overpopulated world. And do we understand them? It's hard to know, but I thought I'd start trying with this project.

I photographed friends in a neutral setting, then in their clothes of choice, and then I photographed just their clothing. They're all pieces of the great portrait puzzle.

Marisa Llamas Photography

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