Monday, August 24, 2009


It occurs to me that everything that I've posted lately has been black. This is in accordance with my black and cream inspiration. The idea is that I buy all my staples in those two colors, and then seasonal colors will go with them. I've never been into the color brown...
...and it's been REALLY hard to find the cream oxfords/chukkas that I want. Retailers, work with me here!

+I wish these seafoam oxofords were beige, and maybe had a capped toe, also.
+I got these black oxford/winkle pickers at Urban, they're more sparkly in person.
+I am also contemplating these thigh high boots, my only reservation being the quality of their fake leather.

Pour La Victoire and Dolce Vita Oxfords from Urban Outfitters,
Bamboo Verbana Thigh Highs from UrbanOg.

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  1. Be ambitious and sorta make your own: